there are brilliant people out there doing incredible things. they inspire me.

Who comes up with this stuff?

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Here’s a piece of jargon to make your eyes glaze over: Diverging Diamond Interchange.

GOOD and Core77 have recently posted on the complicated yet somewhat mesmerizing new(ish) highway/freeway interchange design, and it’s made me think about urban and traffic planning and the people behind it. Reduced accidents, less traffic, ease of use – seems like a great argument. But the hurdles to making this idea a reality are immense.

Why is it that the transportation system is so resistant toward innovation? These types of changes and new ideas cost a lot of money and affect people without affording an opt-in or opt-out system. To be a creator and innovator in that world must be so challenging, knowing the massive hurdles you face, but believing strongly that your idea can have great impact.

Diverging Diamond Interchange

Diverging Diamond Interchange

A how-to on innovation

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Is it really possible to give a step by step guide on how to be innovative? Smashing Magazine tried. What caught my eye was this:

New disposable cup holder

The question is, what do you do when you can’t get past step 1?

People are smart in so many different ways.

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I was trolling through Google Reader today and got inspired. There are people all over the world that are pretty fucking amazing. They are entrepreneurs, engineers, idealists, altruists, and creators. They make things that have the potential to change the world, or some little segment of it. Some of them are deeply ingrained – they are CEOs, world leaders, inspirational speakers, award winners. But many others are still small-time. They get their moment of fame and then they move along, maybe to keep doing amazing things, maybe to keep doing that one thing that got them a moment’s recognition.

I am inspired by these people. They take an outside of the box idea and bring it to life. I haven’t had that idea – I’m waiting for it. But in the meantime, I’ll collect my inspiration here.

And with that, the video that inspired this blog:

Unlogo Intro from Jeff Crouse on Vimeo.

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